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Kingwood Ballet Bio Release Form 2024-2025

Kingwood Ballet (KB) uses its Facebook, Instagram and the website to promote the company within the surrounding communities, and for publicity of upcoming performances and events. At times we post group and individual photos. There are times when a bit of personal information is shared, such as the role, the company level and future plans for those who are graduating. First Name only is published in all electronic media.

Additionally, KB publishes dancer photos and a more detailed biography of our dancers in the Senior company in our Nutcracker program. First and Last names are published along with what ever the dancers fills out on her bio form. This may include grade level and school.

We request your permission to publish photographs, names and bios. Please review the Conditions of Use and answer the questions below.

Conditions of Use:

  1. This form is valid through August 31, 2025 or for the period of time your dancer is a member of Kingwood Ballet, unless you notify us otherwise. This consent will automatically expire after this time.

  2. Your dancer's image may still be used in publications after he/she leaves the company unless KB receives written notification from the parent/guardian asking us not to use your dancer's image.

May we use your dancer's first name and general information along with a photo in our electronic media (Facebook, Instagram, Website) for promotional purposes?
May we publish your dancer's photo, full name and a more detailed bio in our Nutcracker program for the audience to read?
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